Tell us about yourself:

Hi. This picture I have posted is a warm welcome hoping y’all may like Llamas. Maybe? Yeah? No? Oh.. okay. Well I’m Maddie. Now you’re probably wondering why am I posting a Shadow of the Tomb Raider screenshot instead of Rainbow Six Siege and or maybe Call of Duty. Well it’s a Llama who doesn’t like Llamas. You? Oh.. I see well like the Llama they give warm hugs until you hug it for to long. As you can obviously see yes I love video games. From 1st Person Shooters to MMO’s and Survival Games. As long as it’s not Fortnite I am perfectly okay. So yeah I’m Maddie hope y’all like Llamas now.


Why do you volunteer?

I volunteered because it gives me the chance to help others.


What songs represent you?

1. Lion by Jake Hill and Josh A
2. Honestly by Eric Nam
3. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea by Fall Out Boy
4. Sanctuary by Joji
5. Circles by KDrew
6. Vegas Lights by Panic at the Disco
7. Rip and Tear (Doom Soundtrack)
8. Skullhacker (Doom Soundtrack)
9. Perseus by Unknown Brain
10. Live Fast-PUBGM by A$AP Rocky and Alan Walker
11. Revenge by Tryhardninja and Captainsparklez (for the memes)
12. Valkyrie by Laura Brehm
13. Enemy by Jake Hill and Josh A
14. Starship 92 by Jake Hill and Josh A
15. Save Our Souls by Jake Hill and Josh A
(Oh… you thought this was just it? Its not)

Maddie, 15, Administrative Center and Library

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