My name is Jenny and I am an upcoming senior at Clover Park High School.

A little about myself …

Something that I like to do most in the summer, is planning out what I’d like to spend my time doing, wisely. Summer is limited anyway.

Since schools are not in session, most of us would like to catch up on sleep we’ve been reminiscing and simply relax. Others plan to accomplish some goals like go do some workouts or take a vacation trip. And then there are those who have to makeup stuff they simply slacked off in the year, when they should be having fun.

Well, so to speak, even though it’s summer, I feel like I have to keep myself busy so as to not spend the rest of my summer cooped up at home as it makes me feel useless. Therefore I planned out going and taking some prep classes for my senior year (which have been helpful) and decided to get myself involved in helping out my community, cause why not? I was born and grew up in Tillicum and so I thought about giving back to the community by helping serve as a volunteer. So far, it has taught me many things that apply in real life such as demonstrating what it may be like to be in a future job setting whilst acquiring new skills.

My favorite books: Classics !
I love reading classics. It’s complexity in the language is what makes them fascinating. I don’t have a specific favored genre I like to read. I read basically anything.

Some quirks that make me stand out from my friends is that I love Kpop. And cause of that, I’ve grown a liking for singing and dancing and thus created a dance club at school where we like to perform just for the fun of it. From this, I have gained some skills over time and have created some song remixes, mashups and have also learned to make my own choreographies. At this, I’m thinking about starting a business related to this in the near future.

Why I volunteer? Well, this was on of those great opportunities I decided to take and also because I wanted to help out in my community by being a volunteer and be a helping hand.

Some songs that represent me . .. . Check them out 🙂

  • Boyfriend – Janus
  • BTS – Anpanman
  • Blackpink – Forever Young
  • RM – Seoul
  • Beast – On rainy days
  • Shinee – Married to the music
  • Seventeen – Aju nice
  • Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang
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