Did you know that libraries offer several services other than just being a place to check out and read books. Of course, some services are less known, and many may not even know they exist. For example, many may not realize that the library provides online homework help and language classes. There are math, English, science, and social studies to be helped on, and there are over one hundred fifty language programs and courses to take. These two are great resources to use and would likely assist in academics substantially.

The next assets that are not well known are genealogy resources. With these, it becomes easier to explore family history. The assets of this include census reports and family trees. There are also links to historical websites of interest. Library visitors can also choose to book a meeting room. It is free to do this, and it only requires a library card. There are a few simple rules that come with reserving a room, such as the meeting must be freely attended and open to the public, and reservations may not go past four hours.

The final example of library resources is you can still get a book that is not in your area. An ILL, or InterLibrary Loan, is when the library can loan a book from across the country if they do not have one. Most libraries will loan for free, so it is only needed to pay if their library decides to charge. These were some excellent examples of resources at the library that some may not realize are there.

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