What is the book about?

Two sisters, Scarlett and Donatella, try to navigate love and magic, as well as save the wondrous city of Valenda from the Fates.


How many stars would you give this book?

Five Stars


What did you love (or hate) about this book?

*This review contains spoilers*

I screamed at Tella and Scarlett, but mostly Tella, countless times throughout the book. Their choices made sense, and yet they didn’t, in the most frustrating of paradoxes. Garber’s detailed characterization and meticulous use of imagery helped make the characters and story come to life.

I read this book in less than a day, which I owe to Garber’s fabulous storytelling. I wanted to finish the book the second I started it, but in a good way. Yes, I wanted to follow Scarlett and Tella every step of the way in the story, but I also so desperately wanted them to have a happy ending and find out what happened. Throughout the series, I have watched Garber’s voice evolve, which was truly an exciting experience.

Garber touches on a lot of themes throughout the series, but I think the biggest one is the theme of love. There are many different types of love in the series – sister to sister, mother to daughter, lover to lover – but the way the characters deal with this feeling and experience is unique to each one. Love is defined differently as the characters discover what it is, and as I followed the characters, I discovered that each one experiences and gives love in different ways.

The imagery used in this book is fantastic. I could see every color with intense clarity, as well as connect with the characters’ feelings on a deeper level.

However, some parts of the ending caused me to be a little unsatisfied. First of all, I’m still heartbroken over the Prince of Hearts and his ending. I feel like he wasn’t given a chance and cast as a villain instead, when perhaps he could have become deserving of Tella’s love. She is his true love, after all. I do understand, though, the difference between Tella’s feelings for Legend and Jacks, the Prince of Hearts.

Also, I feel like Legend is a little ruthless for Tella. I may be part of the very small minority who think Tella should have ended up with Jacks. Yes, he is a Fate and he is better at obsessing and possessing than love, but if Legend and Gavriel were able to love, so can he. He constantly helped Tella and was always there for her. He helped her eacape her father back in Caraval when not even Legend would write her at first, then he helped her find her mother in Legendary, and lastly, he helped her heal and find the Ruscico in Finale. Not to mention, she was his true love! (I’m not trying to be redundant, just make a point.) In addition, Legend rejected her many times. Although he was always drawn back to her and wanted her, so did Jacks. Legend always enchanted Tella and might have been the more exciting choice, but all I can think of is Jacks’ sad blue eyes. Legend was still incredibly selfish by taking all of the witch’s powers and constantly lying and tricking people to get his way. The most heartbreaking thing about Legend is that he didn’t even love his own brother enough to give up his immortality. I respect that Tella was the catalyst for this to happen, but I also feel like she could have gotten over him, for his choices were, frankly, childish. On the other hand, with the way Garber wrote the characters’ interactions with one another, when Tella is with Legend it just feels right. But perhaps what Tella wants isn’t always what she needs.

Lastly, I still have some questions left over, like:
What happened to the statues in the Stone Garden?
How will Scarlett transform Valenda?
What will Tella’s next adventure be? (I’m still a little peeved she wants to leave her sister and have another adventure right after they survived all of those life-threatening situations.)
What is Legend’s true name?
In all, this series expanded my imagination to new horizons. I hope that Garber will write more books! Her style is beautiful and the world she has created is magnificent.


Who might like this book?

Dreamers, teens/young adults, anyone who wants a unique reading experience
*I would recommend reading Caraval and Legendary (also by Stephanie Garber) before Finale because it is the last in the trilogy

Lea, 15, South Hill

I chose this theme because it can take you away from the real world. Some of your favorite things come to life.

  1. Bad Magic vol.1 Bosch, Pseudonymous,
  2. The coming of the dragon Barnhouse, Rebecca.
  3. The galaxy pirates hunt for the pyxis Ferraris, Zoë,
  4. The iron trials vol.1 Black, Holly,
  5. The girl who drank the moon Barnhill, Kelly Regan,

Katyana, 14, Orting

I chose this theme to catch the attention of people who like watching superhero movies than reading books, and to showcase the wide variety of superhero novels. From crime to romance to comedy, this genre is more widespread than you think.

  1. Renegades by Marissa Meyer
  2. Dreadnought by April Daniels
  3. Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo
  4. Ex Heroes by Peter Clines
  5. Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Booklist by Fiona, 17, Lakewood

5 out of 5 stars

This book is about three teens and they are all in a mental hospital. Throughout the book you find out just why they are their. This book is devastatingly beautiful.

This book is filled with raw and real emotion. Each teen’s story is different and all equally tragic. You really know and feel what these teens were going through even if you think you can’t relate.

People who love struggle books and love to learn the insides of mental illness and what effect that could have on everyone you know. People who love a perfect ending.

Review by Jaclyn, 14, South Hill

I’ve obsessed with re-watching this movie for the art style and sound track. It has a great sense of humor about breaking the 4th wall and talking about things that happen in our own world. Despite the sad parts of the story-line it has a great message to the movie about it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you have a chance to become your own hero to others in your community if you try and just take a leap of faith.

spider-man marvel GIF by Box Office


By Amanda, 15, Lakewood

I chose these gaming books because we want the gamers to read our books. Find these books at the library!

    1. Gamers’ Survival Guide
    2. Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America
    3. The GAME Believes in You: How digital play can make our kids smarter
    4. Minecraft Handbook
    5. Video Game Careers
    6. The Brain-Boosting Benefits of Gaming
    7. Modding Minecraft

Booklist by Isaiah, 14, Lakewood

The book Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli was a sad follow up to her hit book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Leah had no morals throughout the story. She continued to be a awful person with no redeeming traits. Nothing came back to bite her so she continued to show the same behaviors that proved her to be annoying and borderline understandable. Even when she realized she was a bad person she still continued to behave the way she was! Ugh this book was a huge disappointment. The book also read like a play-script and not a novel.



Songs for all the ranty feels

  1. Three days of Grace- I hate everything about you
  2. “Do You Hear The People Sing” from “Les Misérables”
  3. Practically the whole ,” Spring Awakening ” soundtrack


Rant by Jaclyn, 14, South Hill

5 out of 5 stars

In this book, the world is governed by superheroes that everyone adores…except Nova. She was raised by the arch-enemies of the superhero Council when they had failed to save her family, and Nova wants revenge. In a sudden turn of events, she must infiltrate the base full of the heroes she despises, befriend the son of the superhero Council, and gain the information to take them down. All the while, she must throw the Renegades off the trail of her secret identity, and remain secret.

I love the superheroes in the book, because we rarely see them anywhere but onscreen. It plays out like a Marvel movie would and catches you attention right from the start. I couldn’t put it down!

Fans of Marvel and superheroes would enjoy this book.

Reviewed by: Kalani, 14, Dupont Library

This week at the library I worked the summer reading carnival and saw tons of cool aliens! I also signed kids, teens and adults up for Summer Reading. I met new people and made new friends.

I was proud that I ran a raffle successfully with Amara’s help. It turned out great and all the prizes were given out.

I also attended book club training. I learned how to make a schedule and plan activities for events, as I worked with a team to make a book club itinerary.

5 out of 5 stars

The book is a magical land with all different types of fun and evil people and is so enchanting that i had to get all the book’s. I won’t say how it ends it’s a secret.

I loved how it was put in words it may be old but it gives us a new way to see.

All I know how have read this loved it so I say you all will.

Reviewed by Luka, 14, Parkland/Spanaway Library